Cast Study - Charities must be not-for-profit and have a charitable purpose

On 1 July 2013 Veronica registers a Charity for the purpose of preventing or relieving the suffering of animals.  Since registration, the Charity and Veronica work towards that purpose in accordance with the terms of its Constitution.  

As part of her activities for the Charity, Veronica regularly drives the streets at night looking for lost or abandoned animals.  By June 2016, Veronica has also become very concerned about the conditions of homeless people (some of whom have pets) and begins to apply some of the Charity's funds towards food and accommodation for those persons. 

Whilst caring for homeless people can also be a charitable purpose, it is not a purpose of the Charity and Veronica would therefore not be able to demonstrate by reference to the Charity's governing rules that the Charity is working towards its purposes.