Our Firm

While you'll find the senior levels of legal expertise expected in a substantial law firm, you'll also find people who understand that 'value' and 'relationships' are not recent buzzwords. We've been living by them for over 150 years.

One Agenda. Yours

Makinson d'Apice clients have confidence that we will always put their agenda first. That behind the words 'value' and 'relationships' is a deep commitment to steer them towards good decisions and successful results - measured by what we help them achieve.

Everyone at Makinson d'Apice knows that doing what's right for our clients is the only path we will ever take. Our yardstick for performance is our clients' satisfaction and success.

The Whole Firm On Your Side

Makinson d'Apice is a firm of over 100 staff, where every person displays a "client-first" mind-set that puts teamwork, and all that it entails, at the core of how we work together with our clients. This approach ensures our clients get the very best from us because we know how to get the best from each other.

Our Clients

Our relationships with our clients span years, and often decades; relationships that flourish well beyond the transaction of the day or market fluctuations.

Our clients include listed corporations, financial institutions, government bodies, insurance companies, property investors and developers, small to medium sized businesses, charities, religious organisations, private companies and individuals.

The longevity of our client relationships is based on us demonstrating integrity and responsibility on every issue we deal with on our clients' behalf and we don't shy away from giving tough advice or standing by our clients in changing market and economic conditions.

Our People

Makinson d'Apice clients have access to professionals with expertise across a broad range of industries and a depth of legal skills on par with firms many times our size.


We are constantly acquiring knowledge, be it market, industry, legal or procedural, of value to our clients and we freely share it through a range of channels, such as targeted bulletins, round tables, briefings and blogs. All these activities are designed to aid our clients to understand the current environment, changes that are taking place or on the horizon, and the impacts these are likely to have on their own organisations.